Hotel Steinfeld ***Perfect Location

About us

Hotel garni Steinfeld was built in 1990 by our parents. It opened in October.

We proudly began with 20 rooms. They would not be the last ones.

It needed ten years until we (Kathrin and Daniela) were old and tall enough to follow our parents.

During the time we worked in the hotel,  we began with the first room expansion. In the year 2003 we had 10 double rooms more. Through this, the entire family had enough work.

„But something is missing“, said our dad. „Oh yes, a beautiful big reception hall.“
And you see, we followed dad´s idea in the year 2006.

We built the reception plus 20 double rooms and a larger breakfast room.

We think we have done it very well.

We wish you a very nice time.

Kathrin and Daniela